Blokada 5 - No Always-On-VPN AndroidTV?

Hi there I seem to be having some difficulty getting Blokada 5 to automatically start on boot with my Nvidia Shield (AndroidTV). Blokada 4 worked fine, however not v5.

Within the app settings, if I select ‘Start on Boot’ it just closes the app and doesn’t actually do anything, where as on my Android Phone it takes me to the Always-On-VPN setting within Android.

Is Blokada 5 fully compatible with AndroidTV 9? I did not have any trouble with v4.8.3.

  1. Downloaded from
  2. Nvidia Shield TV running latest Nvidia Firmware (Android 9).

Thanks very much for you time! :slight_smile:

In Blokada 5 Start on Boot takes you to the VPN settings to enable always on vpn. We have had a few reports that this option is missing on smart tv’s so i’m afraid you’ll have to use Blokada 4.x for now.

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Thanks for your reply. Yes different experience on AndroidTV compared with mobile Android. Will use v4 until this is resolved.

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