Brave Browser is slowing down with Blokada activated

We are investigating this issue, but the quick workaround it to disable DNS Encryption (DoH).

Advanced tab -> Networks -> All Networks -> uncheck "Encrypt DNS".

Confirm it is not encrypting by tapping on:

Home tab -> "blocked xx ads and trackers" -> scroll down -> see "Encrypting DNS".

This problem does not seem to occur in iOS, or when using Blokada Plus.


Can you please let me know if the same problem takes place in Blokada+? I’m thinking of upgrading but I want to be sure that I won’t be having issues with Brave during browsing.

Blokada Plus does not have this issue since it is doing encryption differently.

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I was having these issues but i found a way to fix it. Open brave and search for something, then go to blokada “activity” list and try to find the blocked links “” and “” and then just allow both of them, hope it works for u as much as it did for me, and sorry for the bad english

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Not helpful at all

Thanks Karol problem solved keep up the good work

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