V5.8 very slow to open web pages

Downloaded v5.8 from the blokada website
Oneplus 7 Pro with stock Android 10 Rom
Opening websites and surfing page to page takes an additional 3-10 secoonds for the page to load
Issue happens consistently since updating from 4.10 to 5.7, gave it 2+ weeks trial
Resolved by downgrading back to 4.10. Have tried multiple reinstalls of 5.8, same issue. No issue with 4.10.

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Same here v5.8 Xiomi 9T. Quite annoying. Its not possible any more to choise DNS-Server, perhsps thats the limiting factor.

Hi, I noticed a similar behavior on my OnePlus 7 running Android 10 stock rom since updating to version 5.

@sn1 You can still choose DNS server in v5: go to advanced tab → Networks → All Networks → Use DNS → choose what you like.
But I tried Blokada and Cloudflare, with no notable difference. Trying Google DNS now.

I’ll try to reinstall last v4 to see if there is any difference.

Maybe it comes from encrypting DNS ? It wasn’t here on v4 if I remember correctly…

I’m observing the same issue in 5.9.0, on a Pixel 3 running Android 11. With DoH disabled, pages load promptly, and when DoH is enabled, pages take ~3s to start loading. This is most noticeable when using Incognito in Chrome, since I think DNS requests aren’t cached after closing all Incognito tabs. Steps to reproduce:

  1. In Blokada’s “All networks” advanced configuration, set “Encrypt DNS” to false and “Use DNS” to Cloudflare.
  2. Open Chrome. Close any existing Incognito tabs.
  3. Open an incognito tab and load a website, e.g. blokada.org.
  4. Return to the “All networks” Blokada configuration. Set “Encrypt DNS” to true.
  5. Return to Chrome. Close any incognito tabs.
  6. Open an incognito tab and load the same website from step 3.

Following these steps, I can reliably get the behavior that the page load in step 3 is prompt, while the load in step 6 waits for about 3 seconds before progressing. I can create a screen recording demonstrating this behavior if requested.

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I confirm what @trev is saying, the issue comes from encrypting DNS feature.

I was using my phone without encrypted DNS for the last 3 days, with no load speed issue. Whereas with “Encrypt DNS” activated, the ~3s pause before loading is happening all the time, whichever DNS is selected.

I can also confirm @trev test is reproducible on my OnePlus 7 / Android 10 / Blokada 5.9.0.

Having exactly the same issue on Oneplus 8. Can confirm that disabling “Encrypt DNS” solves the issue and pages load instantly.

Not just slow, it takes 1 sec - or less - without blokada and like 5-8 minutes with blokada and this is not happening with some special or particular website, it is freaking annoying and happening everywhere.

Hi there, I’m having the same issue with Android version while using Brave browser. Everything have become so slow, it’s really frustrating. What’s the point of using Blokada if disable DNS encrypt solves the problem? Doesn’t that undermine Blokada’s protection level? Thank you and kudos for your hard work. :pray:

Just deactivated DNS encryption. No improvement at all, only if I shut it off completely.

Same here. Blokada and Brave browser don’t seem to be playing nicely anymore. Turn Blockada off and Brave works fine. Turn Blokada back on and Brave is practically unusable (it can take minutes to fully load a page, if it’s even successful).

No problem with Blokada and Chrome browser (maybe Blokada adds a second of so before a page loads, but other than that it seems fine).

Using a Nokia 7.1 with Android version 10 Build # 00WW_4_15C_SP08
Blokada version 5.9.0
Brave version 1.20.108, Chromium 88.0.4324.182
Chrome version 88.0.4324.181

Hello, this is a known issue and we are working on a solution.
The quick fix currently is to disable DoH. On Blokada Plus, all traffic including DNS will still be encrypted.

We had to take some shortcuts in order to make the v5 release happen with DoH. While we’re aware it’s not optimal, we didn’t believe it would cause this amount of issues for someone.

Every bit of latency you have on your connection (round trip time, not bandwidth speed) will cause a threefold delay for you as a user while resolving domains while DoH is active.
This is why you get decent speed tests (bandwidth) but load times are still slow.

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So the next day it appeared that Chrome also starting playing poorly with Blokada. Irritated, I uninstalled Blokada.

Then it dawned on me… Why do I need an add blocker if I’m using Brave? Duh…

It would depend on why you use Blokada, if it’s just to block ads then for the most part yes, Brave should achieve this. But if you want enhanced privacy by blocking additional device based trackers and encryption then this is where Blokada comes in.

So downloaded and tried version 5.10.1. Same issues remain with Brave browser. Chrome seems to work ok. Had to bypass Brave in Blokada (might as well anyway).

I installed the update too, but the same issues remained. I shut the DNS encrypt off and works fine. I’ll be waiting for the next update hopping that it will get better. Thank you for your hard work.

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