Blokada 5.6.0 sometimes freezes traffic for seconds

Since recently blokada started to show weird behaviour because it blocks all traffic for seconds. When I try to load a website in my browser it takes seconds before the progress bar even moves.
I confirmed it is blokadas fault because when I disable it everything works.
I tried many things within blokada and my browser without success.
I’m not sure when this behaviour started because ever since I got autoupdated to blokada 5 my phone seems slower with blokada enabled.

I downloaded from github, was autoupdated from 4.x
Samsung S9 with latest updates: Android 10 with December security patch.

Log file on drive because this website doesn’t allow .log files:

I wasn’t too happy with the forced update to 5.x since it still misses functionality from 4.x but this is a dealbreaker for me.

Best Regards

Please do not post logs on this forum. They’re visible to everyone and might contain sensitive data. Share logs together with an issue description at or the Admins of this forum exclusively.
I’ve had a small look at the log already. Try another dns server :slight_smile:

I’m using cloudflare dns on all my other devices and blokada 4 without issue.
Maybe I’m not using DoH (DNS over https) like blokada 5, but windows 10 should use encrypted dns automatically or not?

Seems like an issue with DoH and blokada 5 then?

Android 10 does not use DoH automatically.
Please disable your private dns settings and choose another DoH server within Blokada

Hi Daniel,

Please check if you have the same behaviour if you disable DoH. With DoH, there’s a host verification with the DNS server before the IP address of the website is provided and the actual website is being loaded, what might makes the delay.

I tested extensively with and without DoH.

Without DoH there is no issue at all, page loading times as usual.

But with DoH the issues start.
Cloudflare DoH, Google DoH, blokada dns beta DoH all show the following behaviour:
On first page load of a new tab in the browser it takes several seconds to load, subsequent refreshes of the tab show no delay.

Open nic Europe DoH, blah dns Germany DoH both don’t work at all and name resolution fails.

I checked on various sites about the performance impact of DoH and it was negligible, it was in the range of 20-50ms with some rare occasions going over 100ms. This is not much different from dns request pings without DoH.
This should not take a website to load several seconds.
And I don’t know why subsequent refreshes load normally, it should do the same dns requests or not?

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