Blokada making phone slower with new IOS update

I use blokada on my iphone, and i downloaded it from the app store. For about a week, i have noticed the app has been making my phone slower and the loading times increase. I have tested it this, when i have it off, my phone runs normally. When i turn blokada on, it starts to slow loading times. Before about a week, the app ran smooth and perfectly. I also am on the latest IOS version of the app. Anyone else notice this?

Please share a log and description of the issue with

Have you tried changing the dns option to a different one in the app?

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You may also want to try other DNS option.

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Can you explain how?

But how?

You can find the dns selection in Settings -> encryption -> DNS

try a few from this list to see if it makes a difference.

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Nope. Even slower. Is it slower since i dont have plus? My free plan was perfect until about a week

Nope its slower

what are you doing when measuring if your phone is fast or not?
Which DNS did you try with?
Did you change anything else last weeks except upgrading Blokada?

Please send logs:

Also no, i didnt change anything besides updating it

Its just noticeably way slower when i have it on. I tried all dns settings. None work

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