Can blokada cause slowness?

Because it is a vpn can blokada cause slowness?

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hello there! Slowness in what way? Browsing the internet or the general use of your device? If you use the Plus subscription the speed does take a hit due to your traffic being directed thru our servers but browsing-wise it should be relatively smooth.


Navigating, I feel a great slowness

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Have you tried a different gateway? One closer to your location preferably.

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Please let us know which device you’re using as there are slight differences between the platforms

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Yes, but not because of Blokada itself but the main flaw of Internet connectin=ons and VPNs:

It is impossible to get a faster internet connection than the one you currently got for that connection

VPNs slow down the internet because it goes through a gateway to get the requested URL. this means slowdowns are expected.

TL;DR: Well yes, but actually no.

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