Blokada+ VPN on android is now extremely slow

  1. I downloaded Blokada from
  2. Samsung note 20 ultra 5g on Android 11.
  3. As of the past couple of days my download and upload speeds while using the VPN have been consistently sitting around 40 mbps. This is only the case while using Blokada+ and is not an issue with it disabled and just running the regular ad-blocking feature. This is also not an issue when using the VPN on windows where I’ll get speeds of around 900 mbps.
  4. The issue started about 2 days ago.
  5. I’ve tried restarting the VPN, resetting my APN, restarting my phone several times, turning off my phone, resetting my network settings, clearing the cache, force stopping the app, turning on the killswitch.

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