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Hi Everyone,
I am using Blokada 4.7.3 in Android 10 and I downloaded it from Official website. The problem is no matter which DNS do I use, internet speed never gets better. It always varies in between 16 - 25 mbps with blokada plus active, while without blokada plus it gives 200 mbps which is my original connection speed. I have checked with every single gateways. How can I improve connection speed?

Hello… my name is Alessio, an Italian boy who writes in English helping me with the translator. I’m not a professional network technician… but I understand: audio, set up and configure applications, extender plugs, search and download good apps from the Stores, I’m a DJ, an audio technician, keyboardist. Replying to your comment on what I can tell you and try with some application or with some external device that increases your speed

Hi there,
Try different Gateway and DNS combinations :slight_smile:

Tried all the Gateways and DNS combinations still speed doesn’t go up :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry Alessio I didn’t get you.

Let’s try something else.
Download the official Wireguard app and add your Blokada config from
That way we can check whether or not the app is causing these issues :slight_smile:

Tried with Wireguard with blokada config. Now the download speed varies in between 43-45 :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Kira,

Thanks for taking the time to report this.

How are you testing the speed?
Do you experience issues with the apps you’re using while Blokada Plus VPN is active?

It’s a known issue that Android VPN performance can be less than optimal.
These types of issues are hard to debug as there are many variables. If you could make a couple of tests and let me know here or in private:

  1. Your geographical location and your real IP if you don’t mind
  2. Which speed test server(s) are you using
  3. Which gateway are you using
  4. What type of device do you use
  5. Exact speeds in each test
  6. Was the test with Blokada or with WireGuard

Make a list of the above information for each test you’re performing and the resulting speed that you got.
Do the same tests with the same speed test server and gateway with the official WireGuard app. Keep the device in the same spot while doing the test, coverage may affect tests.

An example

My ip: (Germany)
Phone: OnePlus 8 running Android 10

app gateway speedtest speed
blokada stockholm amsterdam 51MBit/s
blokada stockholm amsterdam 35MBit/s
blokada stockholm amsterdam 60MBit/s
wireguard stockholm amsterdam 55MBit/s
wireguard stockholm amsterdam 15MBit/s
wireguard stockholm amsterdam 73MBit/s
blokada montreal new york 1337MBit/s
wireguard montreal new york 55MBit/s

You might also want to disable ad blocking while only keeping the Blokada Plus VPN running for comparision. Pick one or two gateways closest to where you’re located.

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