Are your VPN speeds capped at 50mbps?

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  1. Where did you download Blokada from?

Your website. Blokada 5

  1. Which device do you use? Do you use a custom ROM? Do you know which OS version you are using?

Samsung S21
IPad Pro 2020

Slow speeds over VPN using both wifi and Data 5G/LTE.

I am getting maxed out at 50mpbs when using your VPN. That’s less than 50% less than what I get with my other provider.

My native speed is 650mbps.

Speed tests without VPN gives me 540mbps via wifi - 632mbps hawdwired

And 49mbps via wifi using Blokada VPN


Which tunnel are you using?
I’m using Tokyo and I have same problem.

I tried all of them. same issue, but I am mainly using Dallas and Canada

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According to the home page, Blokada Plus has No bandwidth restrictions but I don’t think so. Blokada team should say something about it.


I experienced similar issues several months ago, and I worked with Karol and did various testing using Blokada app with VPN enabled. I get 350 Mbps download rate as a baseline. I then tested the speed with Blokada on an Android and IOS devices. With the IOS devices, I was able to get about 90-200 Mbps download with Blokada (ad block and VPN) enabled. With Android, about 50Mbps was the max that was ever achieved. The limitations on Android are based upon how the Android operating system was developed.


Do you mean this caused by Android OS? Or Blokada app for Android?

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Blokada has no bandwidth limitations enforced.

As @UK_Wildcats_Fans mentioned, it’s a known limitation to Android. But if you want to nail it down to see if there are any issues with the Blokada app in particular, you might want to follow the steps in this post to compare it with the official WireGuard app:


Thank you!

I tried.

  1. My geographical location: Tokyo Japan
  2. I used Ookla SpeedTest. Server: IPA CyberLab
  3. My gateway is Tokyo.
  4. My device is Sony Xperia Android9
  5. Exact speeds in each test
    Blokada for Android 5.11.1
    download: 51.8Mbps upload: 70.8Mbps
    Blokada for Android 5.11.1 (disable all blocklists)
    download: 52.8Mbps upload: 73.3Mbps
    WireGuard for Android v1.0.20210506
    download: 98.8Mbps upload: 121Mbps

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