Very Slow blokadaplus VPN tunnel speeds on my Mibox S 4K

Hello Everyone,

Just want to say I love blokada. I use it on my phone and on my Android TV box. But I get very slow speeds when I use my VPN blokada Plus service on my Mibox S 4K Android TV box. I live in USA. On the same Wi-Fi network and same gateway my phone averages almost 45 Mbps down but my Android TV box hardly hits 12 Mbps at best. Without the blokada + future on my speeds average at around 250 + Mbps. The speed I’m getting on my phone are acceptable but the speeds on my Android TV box not because everything buffers. See attached pictures for details. Please help me figure out the problem. Thank you in advance. Keep up the good work.


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Hey there,
sorry for the inconvenience, but this topic must have gotten lost somehow. Did you try to change the DNS providers selectable in Blokada? If not, please do so and check if there is some difference? If there is no difference, please contact our support via