VPN for Blokada plus for torrenting sucks!

I am using Blokada 4.9.0 on Android 8.1 Samsung phone, downloaded from f-droid repository originally. I have activated Blokada plus and it works fine for most features. But it absolutely kills torrents! I use LibreTorrent, and can have a torrent reliably connected at around 600kBps download (as an example - sometimes higher, sometimes lower), but if I activate Blokada plus I’ll be lucky if it hovers around 20kBps! I am connected to the New York gateway which is the closest to me geographically. In many cases for a long run the speed will dip below 1kBps! I got this feature specifically to mask torrents as I suspect many do. Can y’all make some updates to where the service doesn’t absolutely suck in this area?

Have you tried downloading a fresh and heavily seeded torrent?

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