Blokada blocking all internet access (mobile data)

I am using Blokada 5.4.0 on Android 8.1 (Oreo), downloaded from
All internet access is being blocked, with no apps working at all.
I am currently using Cloudflare (DoH), with Always On VPN, but when I am changing the DNS to any DNS which is not DoH (like AdGuard), the app works as usual.

Would relly appreciate any help in this regards.


Hello there and welcome to our community:)
Thank you for your good description of your problem. Please further fill in the following information:

  • which device do you use (which brand)?
  • afaik there is no setting called ‘private DNS’ in your system settings on Oreo yet, but please check for that and make sure it’s turned ‘off’ (if it exists)
  • does this happen on mobile data and on wifi?
  • did you try different DoH provider yet?


I am using a Motorola Moto G5(S) Plus, running Android Oreo 8.1.
There is no Private DNS Option (I think it was introduced Android 9 onwards).
No DoH DNS provider works, tried using multiple but facing the same issue.
The weird thing is that reinstalling the app solves the problem for a bit, but then it goes back to blocking all internet access.
Currently using Adguard DNS.

Appreciate the quick reply, and looking forward to a solution as well! Thanks.

Okay! That shouldn’t be the problem then.
Yeah, thought so, but wasn’t sure anymore xD
Hmm… it is a weird issue I didn’t yet encounter. Could you share your log with us when this happens the next time (so after a reinstall)? Please send it to and mention it to be forwarded to C.

Sure, let’s hope we will figure this out quickly:)

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Oh and does it make any difference if you are using wifi or cellular data?
And does it work again as well if you only clear Cache of the app / reboot and not completely reinstall it?

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