Blokada blocking internet access @Mwenda_Eric

@Mwenda_Eric please use this post and provide us with the following information

  • Does that happen on wifi or on mobile data?
  • Did you enable ‘block all connections without VPN’ in your system settings?
  • Does that happen with all apps or only in the browser for example?
    Edit: * Do you use a custom DNS in Blokada and is DNS Fallback still enabled?
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It happens when I am on mobile data. I have not used blokada with WiFi since I do not have a WiFi connection.

No. I did not enable block all connections without VPN

Yes, it happens with all apps.

I do not use a custom DNS with blokada. I only use adguard DNS.

No. DNS fallback is not enabled.

Where did you download blokada from?
If you’re using the Google Play Store Version consider uninstalling that and choose the version available on instead

I downloaded from

What device are you using? Have you tried another DNS from within the app?

I am using Nokia 5.1 plus. Yes I have tried DNS but still the app keeps blocking Internet access

Please check your system settings for DataSaver and disable it and any kind of traffic restriction / compression.
Do you maybe use Telegram and does that app still work?
Also please try to access an IP via your browser (just type the IP in the adress bar). For example one of Googles IPs:

hello @Mwenda_Eric:)
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