What are partner gateways?

Please note Partner Gateways program is temporarily paused.

Those are servers provided by our partners. As such, they are not fully managed by Blokada, so they may or may not provide the same level of quality our official gateways do. Partners are simply the good people who rent their servers to us for profit. As a general rule, you should not use them for your most private activities. There are several important benefits of partner gateways:

  • They are hosted on standard consumer networks, and in result, are unblockable by service providers (like streaming companies).
  • They give you access to additional locations compared to the official gateways.
  • Your online traffic still comes out from your device encrypted.

Please note we are in a pilot stage of this feature, and it may not always work as expected. Thank you for your understanding, as we keep improving the offering.

If you wish to become one of our partners, and have bandwidth to spare, please contact us.