Where are the Blokada Plus gateways located?

The gateways are named based on their location, and on Android you can find them under Blokada Plus → Gateways. On iOS, just tap the “Location” button.

The current list of the gateways:

  • Amsterdam
  • Dubai
  • Dallas
  • Frankfurt (2 servers)
  • Montreal
  • New York
  • London
  • Los Angeles
  • Paris
  • Singapore
  • Stockholm
  • Sydney
  • Tokyo
  • Zurich

We are planning to extend the list of gateways adding more servers, providing more locations to choose from.


This is awesome, as I am in Asia, the nearest gateway for me would be Tokyo.

I am looking forward on new gateways like Singapore or Hong Kong, since there are apps that blocks my access since they’re not available on Japan. It’s not a big deal, and I appreciate all the hard work. Thank you very much.


This is what our current locations are:

EDIT: see at the bottom of this thread for the latest screenshot.


I hope you guys open up a Gateway in, Arizona i would highly appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Any plans to open up a gateway in Italy?
I would appreciate it since some apps, such as those for purchasing train tickets or accessing train schedules, can only be used by Italian hosts.
So currently these apps should be marked as “bypassed”.

Thank you.

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Hi Karol

I was so glad to see, that now a gateway is located in Switzerland (Zurich).

At least that’s what is written in the first post in this thread from JUN-2020. But here now, in the screenshot from JAN-21 this gateway isn’t listet anymore.

Does this mean, this server is removed already, or is it just an older screenshot? Because elsewhere I saw another screenshot, where Zurich is listet again.

Now I’m a bit unsure about that. To me it’s essential, because I live near Zurich and actually, this would be the decisive point to buy a yearly subscription for Blokada Plus.

But first I must know for sure, that there’s a gateway near to my home and workplace.

Best regards to the whole Blokada team.
You really do a great job :+1:


In the last 20 years I evaluated at least 15 Premium-VPN’s and also several for free. But Blokada tops them all (even in the free version already) due to features like Ad-Blocker, Anti-Tracker, etc.

I also have a premium subscription for the Bitdefender Security Suite, which includes a flatrate VPN combined with ad-blocking too, but it’s not very convincing. To many ad’s still appear (especially in comparison to Blokada). Also sometimes the traffic stops all of a sudden. And the worst, there’s no configuration at all - not even blocklists can be defined.

Blokada on the other hand has so many settings, even in the free version already.
Thus, I think there’s no competition to your product, not from that side and at least not now :partying_face:

Don’t get me wrong:
With Bitdefender Total, the security suite itself, I’m pretty much satisfied. I can actually recommend it, but without the VPN module.

Zurich is still up and running.
The Screenshots seems outdated.
There are a few more gateways like Sofia and Milano as well by now.

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Yeah that screenshot got quite out of date. Today it looks like this:

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Arnavut bölgesinde bağlantı eklerseniz sevinirim :pray::pray: