New location: Zurich

Hi everyone, I hope you are well! A few quick updates for you.

New location

We are happy to announce that we have just introduced a new location to Blokada Plus: Zurich. This decision is based on the fact that our userbase in Switzerland is growing. Welcome!

Another Frankfurt gateway

To respond to high traffic levels in Germany, and ensure high performance and speed of our VPN, we have just added another server to our Frankfurt location.

You’ll now notice two Frankfurt gateways on the location select screen. The higher one on the list is the one less congested. We’ll update the UI in the coming release to present the same location servers in a better way.

Remember that using Blokada Plus or donating is what makes it possible for us to keep improving the app. Thanks!

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What is meant by “The higher one on the list …”?
The first entry from the top or the higher in the order?
Many Thanks!