Blokada is not working on the June's Journey game

I play June’s Journey and Blokada is technically still blocking ads, you just have to wait the 30-34 seconds before you can continue. If you turn off Blokada you have to actually watch the ad. I believe this is something that Wooga has done internal to the game and it looks to me like Blokada can’t do anything about it.


Incredible. Nothing of what he said has anything to do with the issue at hand. He played a whole week and saw no ads? We all know that’s total bs!

Well, time to uninstalled Blokada and hopefully we can find another adblock that works in JJ down the road.

Yup I think wooga found a way to interrupt adblocking.


It’s been doing that countdown. I dunno what’s more aggravating the countdown or the ad honestly. A lot of other adblockers I’ve tested since all this happened do the exact same countdown blocking so nothing extraordinary about Blokada anymore. I pay membership in the blink of an eye if I find one adblocker that works like Blokada did before.

Yup wooga more than likely found a way around it


Two days, not one week. And no ads is shown.
As pointed out by @Junethomas It seems to be a power user feature, getting additional rewards by watching ads after you’re already hooked to the game.

Unfortunately we will have no solution to this anytime soon.

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Thank you.

Thanks for investigating this!


Blokada hasn’t worked on my JJ game for months on iPad but I found a blocker called Luna which did work. Unfortunately, as at two days ago, that no longer works☹️.
Like you guys, those ads really spoil my enjoyment of the game!


Blokada plus worked fine for this game until the last couple of days. After the game’s server issues were fixed, my Blokada will not work. In fact, I have to turn it off or the game will not load.


The legion of players of June’s Journey have faith that you guys will find a way to block their ads as before. So we wait. Just let us know if we can help in any way as we are proficient with the game. You can contact me thru my email at any time.

It appears that the last update and outages the game has had recently and yesterday has something to do with them changing the IOS to not let Blokada work. All of us gamers that use an ad blocker use yours.

Thank you guys. We believe in you!


My iPhone does the slow countdown and my android is playing ads. Both are aggravating but not life threatening. That’s what I keep trying to tell myself lol. This is all just another example of how greedy wooga has become even though they have a million players bringing in revenue every single day.

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Yep I would much rather pay a monthly premium than watch ads. My android does the countdown and I prefer it than those stupid ads.

Wooga is not invincible, whatever they did to block Blokada I’m sure it’ll work at some point again. I hope :crossed_fingers:


I am still hoping the ads in this game will be taken care of soon by your app. You fixed it for iPhone users, but now it’s no longer effective for Android or IPhone users.

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Absolutely :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

My apologies I thought it was 1 week not 2 days. Yes, in 2 days unless you played heavy you wouldn’t have encountered any ads. At the beginning, its the storyline and doing the scenes. As you progress, then tasks open up for you like HW (help wanted), the Lighthouse and so on. There is where the dreadful ads start😒

As you can see by our posts here (and a ton more in our June’s Journey Facebook groups), we hold hope you guys crack it :pray:

I paid in advance for Blokada+ for a year. I won’t do that again! It would be better to pay monthly as this adbloker may (did) quit blocking JJ ads. I also have the JJ “counter tick down” instead of a full 60-90 second ad, so Blokada still partially blocks JJ ads.

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Hi there,
Blokada + is the vpn functionality. Ad blocking has always been free of charge.
We’ve a 7-day-money-back guarantee though. Simply contact the plus support in the app. Here’s more on the topic of blokada Plus if you’re interested. Monthly subscriptions are available as well of course.

But then again:
Adblocking capabilities have always been free and are still available free of charge

I pay monthly for this app to block ads in June’s Journey. I am so annoyed that it stopped working recently. I get some ads and some are blocked but still have the count down timer. The only reason I pay is because using the vpn for some reason was to only way to automatically block every ad. Is there going to be a fix for this problem? Otherwise I plan on canceling my subscription :confused:

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Again: We cannot tell you that as of right now. This app is made by developers not wizards :relaxed:

Ad blocking was never the purpose of blokada plus. Maybe that worked because they didn’t serve the same ads in different countries

The ad blocker finally worked again today-one time. Back to the count down before the message of failure :cry:

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