Blokada iOS doesn’t block ads in June’s Journey game since iOS 14.6 update

I was using Blokada in June’s Journey and it worked great. My iPhone updated to iOS 14.6 today and Blokada no longer blocks the ads.

I downloaded Blokada from the App Store.
I’m using iPhone XS. I tried to delete and reinstalled Blokada with no luck. Is this a known issue? Is there a fix?
Thanks for any help!


I am having same problem with my IPad after latest update 14.6

Please see


When was this post? This year in 2021? So no fix until later in 2021??

Yes a fix will be available later this year in 2021 :slight_smile:

I got this just to block the ads in June’s journey, wish I would have gotten a notification about what would happen with this update since it didn’t appear to be a security update. I have an iPad 8th gen, please work as fast as possible since these ads are extremely high volume and feed into my hearing aids despite my no media setting. Given I get sound induced migraines…… thanks for working on this

I have blokada plus that I use to play June’s journey. I play on my iPhone and a Samsung tablet. All of a sudden today ads aren’t getting blocked on my Samsung tablet. How did it change over night on only one of my devices? I pay monthly just to block ads on that game