Latest update on iOS is blocking everything EXCEPT ads

iOS 14.5 iPhone 12 Pro Max
Blokada updated the other day through App Store.
Since then everything is being blocked and not working however ads are everywhere. Safari/ddg/Grindr :joy: etc

Even App Store was blocked. Facebook messenger also went a bit screwy.

Ive been using blokada for a while but since switching to iOS months back and the v5 update ive found more often than not I have to pause it to get basic functions back. I go into activity every time something goes awry to see what’s blocked and what isn’t and try to change them and often end up just turning blokada off for a while. The things listed in activity are mostly useless because they don’t tell you what they are. Just give you a name that doesn’t tel you if it’s essential or even a safe item to block or unblock. I know that’s my lack of education but I haven’t even been able to search for what they are.

Is anyone else having issues? If not what the hell am I doing wrong??

Also how do you stop the ads in search results showing up? I get so many of them that I basically have to go to the second page of results to find what I searched for. The ads aren’t irrelevant but they’re blocked as far as I can’t click on them and open them. I dont want my clicks creating as revenue so I don’t want to allow them, but I got an ad blocked so I didn’t have to see them.

Please help me haha.


What blocklists have you switched on? Also which DNS server is being used in Blokada?

Hey thanks for the reply. Ive tried them all but hopefully the images answer the question.

Thanks again.

I’m only allowed one of these per reply.

Errrmmm. Try less. You may start with OISD only for example

I can understand why you might turn on all to block ads but for best practice less is better. As PrintableCharacter says, starting with OISD on, just try out each of the others one by one (switching off the previous as you go) to find which one blocks the ads you see regularly. There will be a few that may still get through but best to block them individually.

Thanks kind people. I have tried them all individually and I’m not getting any change or improvements. I can’t even access the App Store with any of them them turned on.

I was told AdGuard dns was coming ages ago but it’s not there for me. Is that a premium option?

Thanks again Legends!

No it’s not available in the iOS app just yet. Please choose Google or Cloudflare for DNS, Blokada DNS is a little unstable currently and may fail domain lookups.


Indeed there seems to be an issue with blocking ads for apps that uses the new ads framework provided by apple in iOS 14.5.

The good news is we have a solution for it already in progress, however there’s no quick fix to the issue today, although Blokada Plus users doesn’t seem to be affected.

The new feature will be released later this year.

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