Regarding iOS 14.5 update changes in adblocking

As many of our iOS users already noticed, there is a significant change in adblocking effectiveness starting with the iOS 14.5 or newer.

We have done some research, and it turns out Apple has introduced some breaking changes in their ads framework together with the mentioned iOS update, that causes Blokada (and other similar apps) to stop working as well it used to. You may notice a significant amount of ads sneaking through, in particular in apps (as opposed websites).

As of today, we do not have any solution yet to tackle this issue. We have been working on an alternative implementation that is likely going to work well in this case too, but we still need a handful of months before we are ready to release it.

Please note that it seems like only Libre users seem to be affected by this issue. The adblocking seems to work as well as before in Plus mode, probably because of differences in routing under the real VPN.

So we ask you to stay patient, and stay with us as we find our way through this unexpected development.