Blockada not working in App games?

I just downloaded Blockada today on my iPad to get rid of the ads during the App games I play on my iPad. So far it is not working to block these ads. Is it something I’m doing wrong? Or is this app more for web surfing and YouTube ad blocking? My iOS is up to date, it just updated last night. Thank you for any help!

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Try Energized Blu list.
If it’s not working try Ultimate.
Ultimate may overblock stuff, when using it you may need some manual effort to debug and whitelist domains/apps.

Also consider the app may have a cache - means it will not block ads instantly.

… Unless you clear the cache :wink:

You can try using AdAway host lists, Combined Privacy Block Lists or OSID blocklist, they are good for mobile platform, you can try it.

The following lists are reasonably sized and contain a good deal of entries for blocking ads and trackers on mobile platforms (including in-app advertising):

  • AdAway
  • OISD
  • Combined Privacy Block Lists

If you’re OK with a heavier list that’s not overkill, then check out HBlock, which also covers mobile platforms quite well. I would highly advise against using Energized Ultimate in combination with any other lists, as it’s already enormous on its own. See my post here for some insight into list sizes and list selection: Is there a maximum number of lists one should subscribe to? - #8 by bongochong

Please see this post as you said iOS was up-to-date:
Regarding iOS 14.5 update changes in adblocking

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Oof @RPMozley. That’s tough.

That’s Apple for you, I’m glad I stayed on iOS 13.7 for my iPhone 6s (the newest of my iDevices).

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