I can see ads on games

Hi, I have a problem with iPadOS game ad, is I can see ads on games, I use Energiced Ultimate and Adult , Steven Black Fakenews and Developer Dan’s Hosts Facebook, AMP and Hate & Junk, Thank you.

A list which includes a good amount of entries to help address advertising on mobile platforms would be particularly useful in this situation. AdAway is geared toward mobile devices, and my list, along with OISD’s list also contain a considerable amount of entries to eliminate ads on mobile platforms (along with being good general lists as well).

I also encourage you to reevaluate which lists are absolutely crucial to you, as Energized Ultimate and Adult are both gigantic. I mean, they are absolutely enormous. They are so huge that they could be affecting performance when both are subscribed to at the same time.

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Ok, thank you for your suggestions.

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