Introducing OISD blocklist

Starting with Blokada v5.6, and v4.10, a new blocklist is available in Blokada: OISD.

Credits: OISD.

What is it?

A general purpose blocklist, that compiles many other blocklists into one, and tries to avoid false positives. It gets regular updates. We will include only the Light version in the app, since the full one is very big. We are considering to use it as our default blocklist (instead of Energized Blu).

OISD Light is relatively small, with around 70k hosts (Energized Blue is ~200k).

Try it out and let us know if it’s working for you well.

Learn more about the available blocklists here.

How to use it?

In order to activate it on Android (Blokada 5):

  • Open “Advanced” tab
  • Tap “Blocklists”
  • Find “OISD” at the bottom, and activate it

In order to activate it on Android (Blokada 4):

  • Open the bottom menu
  • Navigate to Adblocking -> Host Lists
  • Find “OISD”, and activate it

In order to activate it on iOS:

  • Open “Advanced” tab
  • Find “OISD” at the bottom, and activate it

Just out of curiousity, when will the 5.6 beta be available so that we can test OISD?

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Thank you.

FYI, on my system, OISD did not block as many ads as Energized Blu. OISD blocked approx. half as many ads as Blu (which blocks virtually all ads on my setup).

(Not sure where you might want this posted, so feel free to move it as necessary)

Yes of course. We’re gathering feedback to decide wether to use it as the default or not.

Karol… that being the case, my vote is to leave the default as is, Energized Blu. :sunglasses:

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Blokada uses Energized Blu as default blocklist? It blocks ign, jackjones, humblebundle, logmein, nespresso, newgrounds, origin, maxim, some well known adult sites, and a lot more…

Not sure how Energized blocklists can be taken seriously… but that’s just the oisd blocklist maintainer talking :smiley:


Hi @sjhgvr, nice to see you here. Yeah indeed, that’s why we are looking for a new default blocklist. :slight_smile:


I had few lists enabled (not a lot) including energized blu.
It was too much. Why? Cause I had to play with specific domains or apps once in awhile when these lists were updated.

I’m happy with my current selection after testing it for a few weeks:

  • OISD (light)
  • Blacklist (adservers only) - added cause I had some misses with OISD if I remember correctly.
  • nothing specific in apps and my blocklists

I use oisd on my pihole now for a very long time. Ealier I used energiezed ultimate but going on with it I got too many false positives which I had to search manually for whitelisting. With oisd I had never problems. It is sad to see, that only the light list got included. That way I combine oisd and energized blu on blokada so that more get blocked.

I have found that these type of ad choice ads are allowed by oisd, but blocked by energized.

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Feel free to report that to the maintainer of the blocklist

What website/app is that? So I can check it out. :slight_smile:

It is a local news app in playstore:

Unavailable in my country :frowning:

If that were the only problem. It isn’t even compatible with my device :open_mouth:

I did some testing by clearing activity log and switching between energize and oisd.
Energize blocks

OISD allows it:

When I manually block still using oisd the embedded ads are blocked:

Blokada not honouring “*” in then.

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Blokada 5 does not do wildcard blocking yet. Blokada 4 does.

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