OISD lists no longer working in Blokada 5?

Hi, I noticed recently that the block lists that I use from OISD no longer seem to block anything and I’m getting ads come through without any being blocked. I thought it was the app at first, but I switch to the Goodbye Ads blocklist to test and then it started to block some ads. Is there an issue with the OISD blocklists? I am using Blokada 5 version 23.1.10 on Android (Samsung Galaxy 23 Ultra). Thanks!

Can you test your adblocking score and share the results with me?

Hi there! Sure. I did it with the oisd blocklista selected (4%) and then again with the Goodbye ads blocklista (91%). There definitely seems to be something going on with the oisd lists for me? Thanks!

Ooops, not sure if you got notified of my responses above. Thanks!

That’s a bit weird! This is definitely not a general issue, it seems specific to your device.

Not sure what’s causing this, can you share your log via email?

Sure - which e-mail should I send it to?

I did some fiddling around and I found out that this is happening when I activate both OISD and Phishing Army blocklists. I noticed when I turned off the Phishing Army blocklists, then OISD works fine. It only is a problem when I have both of these on. When I used Goodbye Ads and Phishing Army together, they both worked fine. So it seems like this is stemming from me using OISD and Phishing Army together that seems to then disable any ad blocking. I am using both BASIC and EXTRA lists in OISD and BASID and EXTENDED lists in Phishing Army. However, I tried any combination of just one list in both and I still had the issue.

It used to work fine, so not sure if maybe something in the lists suddenly made them conflict. In any case, I’ve either stopped using Phishing Army, or use Phishing Army with Goodbye Ads, so at least I can work around it. Happy to still send my log though!

Sure send it to hello@blokada.org

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