Problem with blocklists

When I use OISD and The Block List Project to block ads from Facebook and others. The application “breaks the connection” in some cases or does not allow uploading data. An example would be WhatsApp, when I try to load audios with the app active it won’t load because of The Block List Project and every time I have to disable it to use it. This is not very nice to do or spend time to go in the app to disable the feature wait for the connection to restart and do such action.

[I didn’t find a post talking about this, if there is one please send it to me].

We’re not editing or maintaining these lists in any way. We do not have any influence on their contents.
Please either:
A) Get in touch with the maintainer and raise this with them
B) Whitelist the apps and/or the necessary blocked domains
C) Simply use different blocklists


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