Weird connection issues - some apps don't connect


I’m having some weird connection issues that seem to be Blokada related.

When I leave the house and I’m using mobile network, I can’t connect to Facebook. Messenger works fine, other apps work fine, but it doesn’t update Facebook unless I disable Blokada. I already added Facebook and Facebook services to bypass apps, but this issue still occurs.

I also had the opposite effect on wifi. But that one happened once. I was at home on wifi and the only thing that was connected was Facebook, all other apps weren’t connecting, except when I disabled wifi and connected to mobile network.

It’s so annoying that I have to keep turning Blokada on and off, and reseting apps to have both my apps working and some ads blocked.

BTW, on Network I have everything disabled. Please help.

Did you activate any social blocklist?

No. I have activated Energized and Goodbye Ads. Only those 2.

Yes but which configurations in those?

Energized is blu, Goodbye is Standard

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