Basically no wifi connection with blokada 5 turned on

I think the wifi connection problem is back again. Whenever I turn on blokada, it basically seems like I’m not connected to wifi even if I’m clearly connected to it. When I turn off blokada, it’s like all those problems just disappear and the ads come up again. I thought this was a blocklist problem, but when I turned off all my blocklists, it was still the same.

Did you try a different dns servers already?

Hey, I don’t really know much about this stuff. Can you tell me how to change it?

Sure thing ^^
Are you using V4 or v5?

I’m using v5

Networks - all networks - dns

Wow it actually worked, thought I might have to downgrade to earlier versions. I just changed my previous dns to Google dns and everything started working fine. A few minutes ago I couldn’t even use blokada community, but everything is fine now. Thank you.

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