Blokada doesn't block all ads but only on wifi


I’m on Android (a Wiko, specifically) and I encountered a very strange problem:
If I use a wifi, any wifi, some ads that were getting filtered on data, stop being filtered.

It only happen on wifi, it only happen with some ads, not all, but the ads that return are some of the most annoying I’ve seen (I got the domains if needed)

I dunno when it started, I only just noticed it

I downloaded Blokada from the official website, I use an android, no custom rom, on Android 9
I use adguard DNS, and the lists: Steven Black, Energized Blu, Goodbye Ads, Adaway (but I don’t think that’s the issue since the blocking works, just not on wifi)

Does anyone know why that is? and how to solve it?
Thanks a ton!

Hi there,
It is technically possible that your carrier uses a mandatory dns server which outmanouvers Blokada. You could ask whether they enforce a certain dns and if they do why they do it.
Maybe you’ll receive an answer :slight_smile:

Great news: The current v5 beta supports DoH.
Give that a try :smiley:

Hey there:)
Anything new on your topic? Did you try the newest version v5 as @PrintableCharacter suggested?

Hey, sorry, I was travelling a lot those days

I haven’t updated to the beta, but you were right about the dns, because connecting to another network made it work fine again

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Thank you for the follow-up:)! Happy that we found the cause.