Whitelisted website still blocking ads

  1. Blokada downloaded from blokada.org - version 4.7.3
  2. device: Nokia 3 TA-1020 - Android 9 original system/rom

Hello, thank you for a great app. I need to see ads on some sites, and I don’t want to turn off Ad Blocking every time so that Blokada doesn’t block them. When I add a page where they use Google Ads to Allowed Hosts, Blokada still blocks them (Chrome 84 Android).
I’m on wifi and I only have Energized Blu ad blocking turned on and the DNS function / Blokada Plus is turned off. I tried it about 3 months ago on some previous version and it also didn’t work. I tried to clear the application data and reinstalling and it didn’t help. Thank you

Hey there,
Are you using the Smartlist feature? Have you tried whitelisting the website and rebooting the device?

I don’t use Smartlist, but the reboot helped and it already works. well thank you :slight_smile: