Blokada isn't blocking Google ads

Mine says 72%, and it says that are red, which probably means they’re not being blocked.

Why ever not?! This only changed after I upgraded yesterday. Surely this is the MAIN source of adverts, and should be blocked by default?!

So how do I add it to a blacklist? I read this:

But it doesn’t help. i.e.

" Step 3: Adding it in Blokada

One possibility is to store this file on your phone in Download/Blokada/filters. Then tap in Blokada Ad blocking / Host lists on add new Host list."

Where is this? There is no such option on the UI. Any clues? Has the UI changed recently?

Thanks for your help!

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Custom block/host list is only available for version 4 of Blokada. Version 5 does not have this option ((currently)).
Visit the test site again and switch to Blokada’s activity tab and look for the domains not blocked. Manual tagging is the only way to add domains.

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Thanks for your reply. So why did it remove such a useful feature?

And how do you tag manually? I googled for info but found nothing.

Thanks again.

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In the activity tab, tap the allowed domain and you’ll get the option to block manually.

I can’t really comment on why the feature was removed because I don’t know the exact reasons.

Thanks, that helps, but it seems android apps are bypassing blokada.

e.g. I open an app, see adverts, check blokada running log, and NOTHING shows up :frowning:

I guess I’ll try reinstalling from scratch.

No change. How come suddenly blokada stops working? I don’t get it.

I’ve not upgraded my phone. It makes no sense.

e.g. I run an app called LFC Buzz. It shows me Google ads. NOTHING shows up in the blokada activity window, under either recent or top. NOTHING!

What on earth is going on?! How can I debug this?

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Sorry, and thanks for the reminder.

I download it only ever from your website.

I’m using a Mi Max 3 running the latest android / MIUI.

The difficult thing is that I did nothing different, apart from download the latest version of blokada.

After enabling different lists, and getting no change, I deleted it and downloaded it again. No difference :frowning:

Did you double-check whether or not private dns is set to “off” in your system settings? Miui tends to mess with this

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Thanks for that idea, I’ll check now.

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That looks like it worked! Thanks very much, that’s wonderful! I turned it off, and it now works. I’ll file that tip just in case something happens in the future.

Is this in the blokada doco somewhere? Maybe I didn’t search carefully enough before.

Thanks again!

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It all depends on which blocklists you’ve activated. Otherwise you may have to blocklist some domains yourself

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