Blokada for Android doesn't block

  1. Downloaded Blokada from Fdroid
  2. Device: Jasmine_Sprout (Mi A2)
    No custom ROM
    Android 10
  3. Blokada doesn’t blocked the query, even when it’s in the Blocked Hosts list. I only use mobile data in case that’s important.
  4. First reported the issue in Blokada Telegram group about 3 weeks ago (, there were more quaries that went unblocked at that time but now its only
  5. Just followed the advice from Matt ehich he gave in the Telegram chat i linked, the problem was that i had too many host lists enabled, got that fixed with smart list feature, fixed all the quaries which were not getting blocked while being in blocked hosts list except

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Hey there:)
Sorry this post must have slipped through.
The entry you marked in the blocked hosts section says and the entry you marked in the host log might this be the cause of the problem?