For all who experience internet is blocked by blokada

Like others here I experienced some weeks ago that blokada was suddenly blocking normal web-pages. Many of them where TLD *.at. After long research I finally found that the DNS-entry is the cause. After switching from Cloudflare to Google everything is working fine again. Maybe this finding is hepful for some of you, too.


Thank you for reporting this.
We have an update in the pipe which will resolve this issue. I can confirm that selecting a different DNS than cloudflare will avoid triggering this issue for now.

Yes, I too found this. I had changed DNS provider But… Failed to post what I did to fix.
Block head here didn’t think it was important enough to post.

Please forgive

Peace :v:

Link to issue: .be domains blocked · Issue #951 · blokadaorg/blokada · GitHub

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