How to Troubleshoot Blokada Not Blocking Ads on My Android Device?

Hey guys! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have been rocking Blokada on my Android device for a few weeks now, and it’s been a lifesaver for blocking those pesky ads. Recently though, some sneaky ads have been popping up again on certain websites and apps. Not sure what’s causing the issue, so I’m hoping the Blokada brain trust here can help troubleshoot!

Here’s some info and the questions I have:

  • I’m currently on Blokada version [insert version number]. Could this be a version-specific issue? Should I update, downgrade, or stay put?
  • I’ve got the default filter lists enabled, but ads are still sneaking through. Are there any stronger or alternative filter lists out there? How do I add and manage these lists within Blokada?
  • I know Blokada uses a local VPN for ad-blocking magic. Are there any specific VPN settings I should check or adjust to make sure everything runs smoothly?
  • Some apps seem to be bypassing Blokada’s defenses altogether. Is this a common issue with certain apps? Any workarounds or settings I can play with to get Blokada blocking ads in those specific apps?

Are there any Android system settings or permissions that might be messing with Blokada? I’ve checked my device settings, but maybe I missed something important.

Does Blokada have any logs or diagnostics I can check to see why some ads aren’t getting blocked? If so, how do I read these logs to troubleshoot the problem?

I also check this : But I have not found any solution.

Thanks in advance for your help! :innocent:

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Hi @shrinkhal ,

Thanks for posting, I’d like to suggest that you run an adblocking test using this link:

Your score should be at least 80% for the default configuration. Let me know what your score is and we’ll take it from there.

Also, it seems like you forgot to include your version number, feel free to edit it into your post.

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