What can I do if I still see some ads?

If you think more ads are coming through than before, try these steps:

  • Clear the Cache of the apps you see ads in.
  • Check if the VPN key icon is present in the status bar at the top. If not, start Blokada. If it disappears often, please check this article.
  • Deactivate Blokada, close it (by swiping it out from the system’s Recents screen), reboot your device and switch Blokada on again.
  • Open Blokada and check if it is active and not reporting any errors.
  • Check Adblocking / Ad blocking settings / List status, whether the amount of filters is not equal to zero. If it is, select some blacklist filters so that ads can be blocked. If the counter is still zero, check whether you are on mobile data. If so disable ‘Download on WiFi only’ in the menu Adblocking / Ad blocking settings.
  • Make sure you didn’t bypass too many apps in Apps / Installed Apps or System Apps - maybe that’s why you are seeing ads.
  • Try resetting your filters: go to Ad blocking / Ad blocking settings, tap on ‘Filter lists’ (not on Sync), choose DROP.
  • If you see ads in your browser, deactivate any kind of traffic compression or optimization in the browser’s settings. Also check this article about Chrome.
  • If you recently changed your some settings, reboot your device and remember it takes time before new configuration start working. Give it some time.
  • Before clearing app data for Blokada (in system settings), or reinstalling the app, please post your problem in the Support category.

Do you want to be taken to the overview about Blokada not blocking ads? Maybe it contains the solution to your problem.


I found at least 4 posts on “doesn’t block ads”, how about we combine them into one?

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Im having trouble blocking ads on the YouTube app as the ads are just militarily ads

Youtube Ads are hard to block.
You may want to try the goodbye ads YouTube blocklist and if that doesn’t work for you consider using YouTube Vanced or Newpipe as alternative YouTube clients