Blokada 6 Cloud not working on Wifi?

Is Blokada 6 Cloud supposed to work on wifi on Android 13? I assume it is but I’m currently having trouble with where other solutions seem to work.

Thanks for posting, a few questions, are you currently using Blokada 5 or Blokada 6?

Also, are you using the free version or Blokada Cloud/Plus?

6, it’s a trial of Blokada Cloud. I was using the free 5 before this and didn’t have any trouble with it. But 6, using the same blocklists, doesn’t block the same ads. Is there something I’m missing in the setup that might cause this? My results at Test Ad Block - Toolz show 93% blocked on both 5 and 6 so I’d think it would be working but some ads that wouldn’t get through on 5 get through on 6. I guess what I’m wondering is, is there ads that can only be blocked via the fake VPN method or is there someway that Android would be using a different DNS instead of the Private DNS I set in the settings.

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I’m not entirely sure how that can happen, as you probably know Blokada uses third-party blocklists to block the ads. If you’re using the same blocklists, the same ads should be blocked.

Even your score should be the same as you indicated in your comment.

Is it possible that you have set exceptions in Blokada 5 that you haven’t replicated in Blokada 6?

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