Blokada 6 with another VPN


So far, I have been using Blokada 5. I have a Plus subscription.

Since the beginning, I have wanted to use Blokada for requests blocking and to use another VPN as a… well, VPN. I have read that it is not possible “due to Android limitations” before. I also read that it was because Blokada was acting “like” a VPN (not talking about the actual VPN with the Plus subscription) to block requests. So I had to get a Plus subscription.

So I am definitely OK with paying to have requests blocked only but I’d really like to be able to use another VPN.

Is Blokada 6 any different since it’s cloud-based? I’d would like to pay for the cloud-based blocking and use another VPN aside. Is it possible or am I still stuck with Blokada VPN if I want some requests blocking?

Thank you.
I really appreciate Blokada. It is crazy how many requests are blocked everyday.


Thank you for supporting Blokada by subscribing and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

With Blokada 6 being cloud-based, it indeed offers more flexibility. On Android devices, it should be possible to use Blokada 6 for ad and tracker blocking while simultaneously using a third-party VPN for your VPN needs.
Unfortunately, due to iOS system limitations, this dual functionality is not supported on Apple devices.

If you’re primarily interested in the ad and tracker blocking without using our VPN service, the Blokada Cloud subscription option could be the best fit for you. It’s designed to focus on those features exclusively.

We’re always looking to improve, so if there’s a specific reason you prefer another VPN provider, we’d love to hear your feedback. Your insights are invaluable as we continue to develop and enhance Blokada.

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Thank you very much for your prompt reply.
I am going to do that then.

The reason I’d like to use another VPN is just that I had a previous VPN before finding out about Blokada and it’s just less of a hassle to manage only one (even if I must say the VPN integration in Blokada is really well made and seemless.

One thing though : I have the “always on” and the “block connections without VPN” features enabled on Android for privacy. I did not manage to successfully allow apps bypassing. I need it for “Syncthing” and “KDE Connect” to sync/send stuff between my phone and my Linux laptop. So every time I need to send/sync stuff, I need to disconnect from the VPN and allow connections without VPN, do my stuff then re-enable those. I bit of a hassle but I’ll survive. (Although I do hope that with my other VPN I won’t have the same problem.)

Thank you to all people contributing in Blokada!


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