Does Blokada cloud have VPN included?

If I have a blokada plus account and use blokada cloud, does it have VPN included ? Because I can choose a country (location), which in my sense means the VPN is already included. I saw a post last year that I need the wireguard app in addition…
Samsung S8, Android 9, no custom ROM

Thank you

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Blokada Plus includes blokada cloud at no additional cost.


Blokada Plus is the VPN offering, which includes access to Blokada Cloud (ads & tracker filtering).
Since you have Plus, you can choose if you want to connect via VPN or not while having access to Blokada Cloud either way.

Blokada Cloud on its own, without a Blokada Plus subscription does not include VPN access.

With the launch of the Blokada Cloud for Android native app, it’s no longer required to use the WireGuard app but we remain compatible as an option

Hello balboah,
OK, thank you for the answer. So I can switch on/off the VPN function of blokada cloud on the phone through the location switch, right?


Switching it off means you will not encrypt your traffic or hide your location any longer but can still use the ad-blocking features

Perfect. Thank you. And congratulations for the great blokada (cloud) app. Many features and constant improvements, stable system, reasonable pricing, great support, fast answers. I really like your work.

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So I tried it for 24hrs. It was was working great until it denied my dns access this afternoon, (i got Blokada vpn plus and it asked to uninstall 5.21, ) it will not let me access the cloud can u help me?

Oh you should uninstall all Blokada apps from your phone in order for it to work properly - except the blokada cloud application that is

Hi , with blokada vpn V5.2.1 , i have not enabled blokada cloud because as i understand it my acc number will cover all devices. With that having my main ph on V4.5.1 (color os 11) and an android 9 tablet (where i cannot find private dns , Vanyko) and another ph ( samsung on V 5) i am a unsure that if i enable blokada cloud i could cause myself issues, as i unnderstand because of not being able to bypass apps and no server in my country ?? That all devices would use the cloud . Maybe i dont fully get it , but V4 is being continued yes? And can i continue to use my vpn subscription without usinng blokads cloud. Thanks , Blokada has been great since i first statrted using it .my question really is can I continue to use my Blokada plus subscription as is for the moment. Thanks

Since you have a Blokada Plus sub you may use the same account on devices so that should cover the devices you mentioned, but if you still want to keep Blokada on specific devices and switch to Blokada Cloud on other devices that are possible too ( so that you can keep the app bypass ).

To answer the question about Blokada 4 you may check this:

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