Blokada blocks advertising with me only with WLAN / Wifi

Hello, how is it possible that Blokada blocks advertising on my iPhone only with WLAN? In the mobile network you can see advertising on websites. Of course I have not disabled Blokada.

Thanks for your help.

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Hello there:)
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Please try to select a DNS in Blokada. The option to do so can be found in Settings / Encryption. I recommend to use Digitalcourage or Quad9 for this test. Does it block ads on mobile then:)?

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Do you have some specific sites you compare with to validate it’s only happening on the mobile network?
Is it like this all the time or only for an amount of time or only while switching between WiFi and mobile?

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Sorry, but for professional reasons, I can’t answer until now. Thanks for the quick answers. I tried a little of your tips… and at least today everything was okay. I’ll keep watching and get back to you if necessary.

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All good, don’t worry about that!
Okay, perfect, validate it for some days:) If you figured out what helped be welcome to post the solution.

On the web page I am unfortunately shown advertisement again and again. If I activate the Better-Blocker under Safari the advertisement has disappeared.

Does it show this ad on both mobile and wifi?
Okay, which Host lists do you use?

Yes, displayed on mobile and wifi. I have activated the following lists:

  • Energized
  • Goodbye Ads
  • Ad Away

DNS is Cloudflare

Okay, so the problem with no ads being blocked on mobile in general is no longer a problem?

Okay. You can disable Ad Away. It’s included in both Energized Blu and GoodbyeAds.

So that’s the only ad you see at the moment?
I don’t see an ad and I additionally use StevenBlack’s Host list. You could try to enable that as well, clear the Cache of your browser and check whether it’s working then.

Thank you for coming to help me so quickly. Yeah, right now this is the only site I see ads on. Unfortunately, your efforts have not been as successful as I had hoped… I can still see ads.

Sure, hm - then please check the Activity log in Blokada. Clear the Cache of the browser. Then open the website again. Now check the activity log for domains that were allowed / accessed. Is there a domain that might be serving ads?
If you want you can share the activity log as well.

@Jaazym Let’s continue this in this thread: Ads sometimes not being blocked on Oppo reno2

I have now uninstalled Blokada once and reinstalled it again. I emptied the cache of Safari and made a screenshot of the activity log before and after calling the mentioned page. Under Advanced, I have enabled the lists Energized and Goodbye Ads, and selected Cloudflare as DNS.
Nevertheless it remains that I see advertisements after calling the page. Strangely enough only on the iPhone. If I call up the page on my iPad (all settings are identical here) no advertisement appears there.

I hope for your help.

Here are my screenshots:

Okay, next time before you uninstall the app: be sure to share the log to and explain what your problem was. Otherwise we won’t be able to pinpoint where the problem came from;)

So to be honest for me it doesn’t load any ads as well. And it doesn’t even try to load ads… when I check the Hostlog.
So I am really irritated tbh. So you only see ads on this one website… and not in your whole phone?
Ohhh - is this browser Safari or is it another browser? Because if it’s a Chrome-based browser you’ll need to follow the steps for Chrome.

I use the Safari browser. As I said…on the iPhone advertising appears on this page…and on the iPad it doesn’t. How can I forward the protocol to Blokada? I don’t see any possibility in the program.

That is possible if one logpresses the question mark, as explained here: How to share the log when reporting an issue. But it’s good for now:)

Okay. Does the Host log only show allowed domains? and is there a possibility to show the complete name of the domain. TBH I can’t really figure the names and their purposes out from those screenshots:(

Also, show your configuration of the Advanced tab?

Yeah. Looks that way: