Blokada does not block ads when connected to mobile hotspot wifi

I am using realme 7 pro which has Android 10 and I’m also using blokada 4.11.0

Blokada does not block ads when connected to mobile hotspot wifi.

  1. Downloaded from blokada site
  2. Realme 7 pro with Android 10 and no custom rom
  3. Blokada works effectively when it connects to my phone’s internet but it doesn’t work when I connect to others mobile hotspot via WiFi
  4. From last month onwards I’m facing this


Do you mean it doesn’t work on:

  1. Blokada phone → Other phone hotspot → internet
  2. Other phone → Blokada phone hotspot → internet?

1st option… I am using internet from other mobile hotspot and ads will appear everywhere .

How do you connect? Is it via normal WiFi connection settings or some Android specific quick connect option?
My best guess is that if it’s some OS level tricks, it may supersede the Blokada configuration on a lower level

Just switch on the mobile wifi hotspot in other mobile where excess data present and connect it via WiFi in my mobile.
In simple terms, when I connect to WiFi, the ads come as usual and when I connect to data, ads never appear.

This phenomenon occured with various WiFi Hotspots.

Any solution for this

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