Private DNS always disconnecting

Hello, I don’t know if this is an Android problem or a Blokada-cloud-is-in-beta problem, but at least five times a day my phone’s wifi stops connecting because it’s saying it cannot connect to the DNS network. Like I just can’t rely on it to work for an entire day. This better not be an Android issue, or I’m not gonna be able to continue using this service. I’m using an LG G8 with Android 11 vanilla, but this also happened on Android 10. Also this only happens on wi-fi.

I think it’s a Blokada problem. I used to see the same thing on my tablet running Android 9. Now I keep Blokada inactive unless I’m going to use a game with obnoxious ads.

Hello there,
This is the first time this is being mentioned.
I’ve personally never experienced this so it’s rather an individual device issue than a cloud issue as of right now as there’s not sufficient evidence to show otherwise. I’d recommend getting in touch with
They’ll sort out the technical details with you there.
It might as well be an issue with your WiFi router

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I forgot to mention that when it happens, I turn the wifi off than back on again, it works. Until it doesn’t, but it generally lasts a few hours.

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