Blokada Cloud connectivity problems on android

I’m using blokada cloud downloaded from Google Play on a Samsung s10 running Android 12.

If I am connected to Blokada Plus (via any server) via WiFi and the WiFi connection stops (e.g. if I go out of WIFI range or my device goes into deep sleep for a long time), then I have no internet connectivity after I reconnect to WiFi. I then have to switch off blokada plus (or use mobile data) to get internet connectivity back .

I don’t get this issue on WIFI if I disable blokada plus (i.e. if I’m connecting just using blokada cloud) or if I use mobile data instead of WIFI.

Hi, please share the log with me at and provide a link to this post as a reference :slight_smile:

I subscribed to the supposedly fixed Blokada Cloud for Android app after the failure of the original app to properly install. Following download of the “fixed” application, I again subscribed and paid my yearly subscription fee. The new app did install OK but I continued to experience connectivity intermittent issues and the app finally reverted to the same inability to connect as did the original application. I have uninstalled the Cloud app from both my Android devices and as there is no refund on my subscription, I will just consider this as money wasted!

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience! Blokada has a good refund policy please contact me at, we’ll try to resolve the connectivity issues and if we can’t we will do our best to refund you.

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