Wifi connectivity issues

Blokada keeps preventing me from connecting to wifi or mobile data when it’s active.

Downloaded from blokada.org
Using a Samsung Galaxy A71 5G
Recently, whenever I activate blokada, it cuts off any kind of connection to the internet, whether it’s wifi or mobile networks (T-Mobile). I’ve tried switching my dns multiple times, trying just about every one.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I don’t know too much about this kind of stuff. Thanks!


I think it is because of the ‘Encrypt DNS’ feature in the ‘All Networks’ tab in the “Networks” section in the “Advanced” column. My device is Huawei Nova 5T with android 10, and I used to face the same issue of yours as described in my previous list of bugs and requests, but still that feature remains in Blokada and it comes turned on by default as well. The solution is to turn that feature off and then reconnect to Blokada

Just tried this and it didn’t seem to work. Thanks, anyways.

I think I have same problem. After switching network, I cannot use internet.

Downloaded from blokada.org
Using Sony Xperia Android 9 (not custom ROM)
This is happening after I updated to 5.14.4.

I found I can solve it by turning off and on Blokada.

Thanks guys. Fix coming in 5.15 beta today.

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I found same problem in 5.15 beta.

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Could you share log to hello@blokada.org

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