Blokada blocks internet access from phone. What to do?

Hello. Ive been using Blokada for the past few months and its worked wonders blocking ads and other undesirables on my phone. But just suddenly earlier this afternoon, I could not access the internet or use any of my online apps, regardless of how I connected. I first I thought there was something wrong with my phone, but when I turned Blokada off it started working again. I have not installed or messed with anything recently, nor have I fiddled with any of Blokadas settings. If It helps, I have a GalaxyA10e phone with Android version 11 on it and im using blokada version 5.20.2

There might be several reasons why you are experiencing connectivity problems.

Some networks are very restricted. Please try to activate the network DNS option for your network.

  1. In the Blokada app, go to the advanced tab → Networks

  2. Tap your network name (you may need to give permissions to Blokada first on that screen, and reconnect to your network)

  3. Tap “Prefer network DNS”

This will make Blokada use your network’s DNS whenever your device is connected to this network. You will see the network icon become green when this configuration is applied.

If this does not help, please check if you are using Blokada Plus (the orange mode - when your location is changed with VPN). If this is the case, then please also select the option “Force Libre mode”, which you can find on the same screen described above.

Thanks for asking and thanks for answering…I’ve been using blokada for years, no change in my setup, and the connection has gone dead multiple times in the past week. Figure it is the same problem as the question asker.

Which dns are you guys using?
They might have changed their configuration or address

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