Blokada prohibits me from connecting to the internet

Today I have to turn off blokada because it doesn’t let me connect to my wifi, I can’t talk in discord, watch videos in YouTube, nothing, I’m obligated to turn off blokada

1– Downloaded blokada in their official site, the version 5.19

2– I use a Samsung A10S almost a year, updated to android 11
3– It happens with wifi and mobile data (only having blokada activated), I don’t know if it is my wifi or my phone, maybe I need to buy blokada+
4– ince the last week this issue as been happening and is very annoying
5– I tried:
— Downloading another version of blokada
— Turn off ‘Always On’
— Restarting my phone
— and still, doesn’t work as I used before

(sorry for bad grammar, my main language is not english)

Please open your system settings and make sure to set Private DNS to “off” in there

it didn’t work :frowning:

Ustawienia można zmienić i błąd

Did you find the mentioned setting in your system settings?

yes I find it but is doesn’t matter if I put in ‘deactivated’ or ‘automatic’, still can’t connect to my wifi when having blokada activated

Do NOT set it to automatic.
Turn it off and try WiFi and mobile data again after a reboot

okey then, I will try

Edit: It did work, thank you so much

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