Blokada suddenly sropping all internet traffic

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Can’t connect to internet unless Blokada turned off

Android 12 on Samsung 21+
Purchased 5 from your site and just renewed for 1 year

Problem began early this morning. I don’t have anything customized from standard. With Blocaka on I suddenly started to get address not found, check internet settings - could not get onto any internet site at all. Finally tried turning Blokada off and no problems acessing the internet. Have changed no settings and my wi-fi is working fine. Unsure how to figure out what to do to fix the problem


I would need to ask some question to better understand the situation:

  • Are you on Blokada 5 or Blokada 6? Are you using Plus or Cloud?

  • Are you using Wi-fi or cellular data?

I am on 5. Use both wi-fi and cellular. I seitched from the LA hub to the Dallas hub and thibgs are back to normal. Thank you.

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