Blokada on Android 12 keeps disconnecting from Wifi and mobile network, private DNS issue?

So I’ve noticed this pattern for the last month but it’s starting to get to the point where I’m getting annoyed having to turn ‘off’ and then ‘on’ blokada due to the fact sometimes the Wifi is not working or the mobile network. Usually works by turning it off and then back on right away but it’s a pain having to do that every time.

I set up the private DNS on my mobile phone per the config naming convention on Blokada. Sometimes it says I got disconnected from the private DNS server and sometimes it just comes back on again. I have ‘ping to network’ enabled and even then, it still doesn’t help sometimes.

I’m not a network expert but what does a private DNS do when I enable that on my phone? Is it better to just turn it off? I wanted good privacy when surfing the net and even streaming Kodi content on my phone so if private DNS helps with that then I believe it’s something I might need.

Phone: Note 10+ Android v 12.0
Blokada 5 App apk download from site.
Location for server: New York City, closest one to my location.

Blokada cloud and the blokada app aren’t on android at the time.
If you’re using cloud there’s no benefit of using the app. If you need your US vpn please create a wireguard config file and use that inside the official wireguard app instead of the blokada app

In other words:
To continue using the Blokada v5 app, please disable private DNS.
If instead you’d like to use Blokada Cloud, then uninstall the Blokada v5 app :slight_smile:

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Thank you, wow I feel so silly now but I do appreciate the quick response. After doing more googling on VPNs (Blokada is my first ever) I’ve learned a little bit more now.

I’ve gone ahead and disabled private DNS and I haven’t had a single drop anymore. I only have the Blokada App running now as opposed to both private DNS and Blokada App. Thank you guys for making first VPN experience awesome.

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