Introducing OISD blocklist

That said, the current oisd list to be used with Blokada 5 is; which does block does ads.

Blokada 4 supports where v5 apperently doesn’t (yet).

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Now I understand why I needed to use Blacklist (adservers) along with OISD (Blokada 5).

Since the basic OISD list contains wildcards, to my opinion it shouldn’t be available in Blokada 5 until it supports wildcards. It is a bit misleading.
For now I’m using Blacklist only and all is good so far.

Having said that, I like the simplicity of Blokada v5 over v4. Really, much better version along with well organized releases and community changes over the last few months.

Thank you for this wonderful app,
Looking forward for wildcards support. Then I’ll give OISD another try.

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What exactly is wrong with using oisd dbl basic instead of oisd dblW basic (that W stands for wildcards)?

Oisd dbl basic isn’t wildcards.

I didn’t say “wrong”. And your posts are a bit confusing. Feels like with tons of emotions.

I’ll explain myself again… I’m using Blokada 5 with only one list (Blacklist - adservers). Currently it is enough for me.
I want to use OISD but currently it’s not working for me (don’t know how to explain myself).
Maybe in the future I’ll try it.

I’m not complaining about anything, just sharing my (personal) feedback on Blokada v5

Indeed currently Blokada uses the “light” list which contains wildcards. I’ll change it to basic in the next update.


Basic == light.
Renamed it because of logic.

You mean to say: Blokada 5 should be using, instead of

Now everyone that tests the OISD list (no way of telling which list it is because it’s just a toggle) gets ads and thinks the list isn’t good. Please fix?

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I only now come to to fully understand where things went wrong… as far as I can tell there’s no way for a user to add the correct syntax oisd basic file to blokada 5.
Using the OISD blocklist in blokada 5 is just a toggle, which when enabled seems to load the wildcard syntax file, which it doesn’t support (yet). Causing ads to slip through.

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I don’t see any mention of oisd in change log of beta 8, did you get a chance to change to non wildcard version? It still uses “light” in description.

I did. Good catch, I updated the changelog now.

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It worked, the embedded ads are now blocked using oisd, without manually blocking, great work and thanks 2 oisd developer!


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Thanks Blokada devs for fixing :+1:

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I found another embedded ad not blocked by oisd (non W), it is blocked by default in energize:

Confused this seems to be the same link that was blocked by oisd non W 2 days ago?

it’s right there.

Yes I tested it back and forth several times, is definitely being allowed by our oisd choice at this point in time, as it was blocked last Friday. Perhaps blokada reverted back to wildcard version for some reason?

No it is there. Try uninstalling and installing the OISD pack again in the app.

Thank you, how to do that at user level? I can only see to reinstall 5.8 beta over current, which I have done with no change. I have yet to uninstall and reinstall from scratch.

Just disable and enable OISD pack.

OK I have done that many times in testing back and forth with energize. I always disable one before enabling the other. I also tested steven black, goodbye ads, adaway, they all block this particular, which appears across several news feeds. The strange part is that oisd was blocking it last Friday when I first uploaded the 5.8 beta. Not sure when it stopped but I noticed it Monday.

OISD seems to be working great so far, using it together with DuckDuckGo Tracker radar. Haven’t come across unblocked ads in my daily usage case.