Introducing OISD blocklist

Yes it’s working for me now as well, Karol helped me work through my initial issue by deleting app data to reload the list properly.


I’m seeing ads again with OISD

What Blokada version? And where do you see ads?

I’m using 5.11 and they are all over the Google browser app. Not tried looking anywhere else yet

Clearing app data will fix it. Sorry for this. This one is on me. Blokada is not to blame.

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Sorry to appear ignorant but where do I go to clear this app data? looked in my app settings and there isn’t an option and can’t see where to do this within the app itself. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S7

Settings /apps and notifications /blokada /storage and cache, you will see option to clear data. I had done this a while back see my posts above.

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