Blocking content for a young child

@balboah Does the incorrect naming mean that the OISD lists are not currently working in Blokada 5?

I’m trying to set it up on my son’s tablet to block anything inappropriate for a young child so want to be sure it is working properly. If OISD lists are not working, what lists that are working would be best to block anything undesirable for a child including adult material?


The OISD lists are indeed functional in Blokada 5, though they might not be as current as those in Blokada 6 with Blokada Cloud.

Related to your use case, we’re excited to share that we’re developing a new app tailored specifically for parents like you. This upcoming app will focus on providing robust controls and filters aiming to create a safer online environment for children.

We’re anticipating its first release later in 2024. We believe this will be a valuable tool for ensuring a child-friendly internet experience. Stay tuned for updates on this!


A complete parental control package would be very useful. I would be looking for something that works on Android and Windows ideally and includes things like time limits for apps/applications/games and for the device itself, reporting on usage and content filtering.


Are all the lists in the app itself and hence as old as the Blokada release or are they updated when the app runs? (for version 5)

No the lists are pulled by Blokada 5 regularly so they are as new as in Blokada 6.

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