V6 custom block lists

Does V6 support vision block hosted on the Internet?
I found the offering of blacklists insufficient. This is especially true when it comes to porn blockers. Steven Black’s list is the only one i see and it will not stay enabled.
Galaxy S10+
Android 12
GPlay version

Hi theres,
there´s currently no way to manually add blocklists. Blokada isn´t meant for child protection as well so it´s inevitable for some of the content metioned by you to slip through. For child proofing a device please consult other software as blokada can be turned off or circumvented rather easily :slight_smile:

Thanks, my main concern was the ability to add custom lists in general, but thebprn one was also a reason. I’ll just stick with version 4 since it has suited my use quite well.

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